earth's unwanted becomes our last hope


Wayne Robinson

Owner of Shimmer Concepts Media, Animator, Graphic Artist,



Jarvis Sheffield, M.Ed.

Owner of The Digital Brothers

Animator, Writer, Editor


Kwesi Jackson

Freelancer Editor, Animator

Animator, Video Editor


William Hayashi

Owner of Hayashi & Associates

Programmer, Novelist & Screen Writer.

Tony Qwade

Model, Sculptor,


New Media Production

Erica Hughes (Consulting)

Screen Writers Daily,

Animation Consultant

Terrence Walker  (Consulting)

Writer, Voice Actor

Animation Consultant

Alonzo Von Threet

Sole Proprietor at

Advanced Visualization

Technology Productions

Models & Textures



Keith Young (Consulting)

Graphic, Web & Multimedia

Graphic Design Consultant

Bill Ladson

Digital Artis & Toy Designer

3D Modeling


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Albert Baldwin

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Alfa Omega Grafx

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